Our guided hikes will help you explore places like the Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and even the local favorites in Moab and surrounding areas. Check out our specials below, browse by category, or use the menu bar above to view all of our guided hikes and tours!

Guided Hike of local favorite trails, Moab UtahFEATURED: The "Moab Special" Tour: This combination tour features our favorite local trails prized by Locals, some only minutes from town.

Trip Length: 4-5 Hours
Price: $99/person

Single Hikers: If no other group members are booked for your tour date, or our minimum group size has not been met, Contact us for Single Hiker rates!

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Arches Guided Hiking Tours Arches National Park: The most popular attraction in the Moab Area, featuring giant Arches and Majestic Rock Formations. This park draws thousands each year to explore destinations like The Fiery Furnace, Devil's Garden, Landscape Arch, Delicate Arch, Tower Arch and more!

 Guided Hike Arches

Canyonlands Guided Hiking Tours Canyonlands National Park: The largest and most remote of the two parks, this area offers something for everyone: from the grand vistas and ancient ruins of The Island in the Sky, the hidden wonders of Horseshoe Canyon in the Maze District, to the strange geology of Chestler Park in the Needles District.

 Guided Hike Canyonlands

Canyonlands Guided Hiking Tours Other Moab Hikes & Tours: Some of the best hikes in Moab are NOT in the National Parks. Escape the crowds with our Local Secrets tour or a quiet hike to Hidden Valley. Ponder ancient Ruins & Rock Art left by civilizations past, or discover tracks and fossils left by the Dinosaurs!

 Guided Hiking Moab

Moab Custom Hikes and Private Tours Custom Guided Hikes: Moab has much more to offer than the popular tourist destinations you've heard about. Let us customize your adventure so you can see what you want, when you want, with WHO you want.

Guided Custom Moab Hike

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