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Utah Campsites That Will Haunt You, by Jenny Holt

Where better to hike than Utah? In Moab alone there are two national parks, Arches and Canyonlands, and over 3000 square miles of terrain to hike. With unmatched views of a landscape rivaling a scene from a movie, there's more than just hiking to do here.

Spooky Adventures

Though the landscape can fill anybody with wonder, it's not the only thing to be seen in Utah. The mountains and prairies of Utah are ideal for camping, though you might be disturbed by something supernatural. If you're interested in the paranormal and enjoy having a shiver sent down your spine, Utah camping is for you, as there are a large number of haunted camping grounds in the state.

These haunted campsites are spread all over Utah, from Midvale to Moab. In Midvale, spirits of the dead haunt the Cottonwood Canyon. They are said to have died by drowning, and that their screams can be heard close to the river. In Moab, at the Canyonlands National Park, it is believed that a ghostly stampede takes place. Cattle rustlers were thought to have left their stolen cattle behind when they were unable to evade the law. The cattle were left to die, leading to the spectral stampede seen and heard today.

Something for The Family

There are many other activities for the whole family to take part in during a visit to Utah, especially with its reputation for outdoor recreational activities. This includes activities such as astro-hiking under the great clear skies, to backpacking, to camping, though in less haunted areas, so the whole family can have a fun experience.

Being so far away from any sort of light pollution means the night skies in various parts of Utah, from the Basin and Range in Northern Utah, to rocky ridges in South Utah, are the perfect places to see the stars. Canyonlands National Park is considered one of the best places to stargaze, and is known as a Gold-tier International Dark Sky Park, after being certified in 2015.

As well as stargazing, there is always a new landscape to see in Utah, and taking a hike is one of the best ways to see them. Utah is a fantastic place for hiking precisely because more than 70% of the state is public land leading to a wide range of choices for hikers. It would take more than a lifetime to hike every part of the available land in Utah, but there will always be something new to see every time you set out.

Colorado River Rafting Trips & Paddle Boarding

Wild West Voyages:Wild West Voyages Come with us and experience canyon country's most formative and dramatic force: The Colorado River. Ride the rapids, behold the stunning scenery, and let us treat you to a classic adventure of the American West! From family rafting trips to equipment rentals, Let our caring staff and certified guides give you an adventure to remember!

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Jeep Rentals

Twisted Jeep Rentals:Twisted Jeep Rentals Explore the off road wonderland of Moab with a Jeep Rental from Twisted Jeeps! This is the only company to offer lifted Jeeps with 37 inch tires, and their knowledgeable staff can guarantee you'll get the most out of your 4x4 adventure regardless of your experience level.

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T-Rex 4x4 Tours- You get to Drive!

The Moab Tourism Center Moab Tourism Centeris a full service Activity Booking Center, featuring a FREE vacation planning service for nearly every fun thing to do in Moab, Utah.

On-site we provide our #1 Adventure: T-REX 4x4 Tours where YOU get to DRIVE a specialized 4x4 vehicle on the famous Hell's Revenge Trail!

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T-Rex 4x4 Tours- U get to Drive!

Other Activities

RJ CLimbing & Canyoneering: Riley Jordan is one of the best guides for climbing and canyoneering guides in the area and comes highly recommended. Give him a call at 303-601-1414 today!

Southern Utah Scenic Tours: There is so much more to the southwest than can be seen in Moab. Try organizing your adventure with these guys to see ALL the big attractions the West has to offer!

Xtreme 4x4 Tours: Xtreme 4x4 ToursNot For the Faint of heart. Specializing in guided rock crawling tours, ride a long or follow behind in your own vehicle, trail recovery, and guided hiking.

Red River Expeditions: Red River ExpeditionsA great local company offering Rafting Day Trips, Rock Climbing, Canyoneering, and even Stand Up Paddle boarding.

Lodging for Adventurers

The Launch Pad: The Launchpad B&B in Moab, UtahA perfect place to take off for your adventures! Conveniently located, gorgeous views and a wonderful hostess!

The Adventure Inn: Another great location and reasonable rates, right across from Poison Spyder Bicycles! Walk right over and rent your bike without getting in the car.

Child Care, Pet Care and other Services

Well Wisher: Concierge, Assistant, Coordinator, Friend, Child/Pet Care & So Much More! Well wisher can handle so many of your miscellaneous needs, if she can't help you, she'll find someone who can!

Useful Resources

Wilderness Survival Guide: A comprehensive guide to surviving in the wild.