Neck Spring: Canyonlands National Park Hiking Tour

Canyonlands Guided Hiking Tour: Neck Spring This trail is a popular half day hike for those looking for a mild workout and spectacular views! Though many adventurers choose to do this hike on their own, many others opt to hire a guide for safety and interpretive knowledge as a few areas can be confusing to some.

Canyonlands Guided Hiking Tour: Neck SpringTrip Details: This hike begins high atop the mesa and descends into a lush and scenic canyon before climbing back up to elevation.

Offering incredible views and vibrant riparian washes as you descend from the Mesa above, a guided hike of the Neck Spring trail ensures you won't miss the historic campsites, the ruined cabin and other various signs left from pioneering generations past.

Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult
Total Trip Time: 6 Hours
Hiking Time: 4 Hours
Hiking Distance: 6 Miles
Price: $129/person
(Prices do not include National Park Entrance Fees)

Single Hikers: We usually have a 2 person minimum for this tour. If no other customers join your tour and we are unable to find other customers to meet our minimum, you will be charged for an additional person after the hike. (To find out if there are any other customers booked on your desired date, either contact us or look for dates with less than 30 remaining seats). We will always do our best to find other group members and save you money!

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