Rock Art Tours, Ruins and Archeology Hikes

Rock Art & Ruins TourMoab was home to ancient peoples like the Anasazi, and these forgotten civilizations left their mark on this region for all of us to enjoy. We've spent years finding the best sites in the area, and now we can share them with YOU!

Our guided tours feature a variety of optional destinations tailored to your interests. Enjoy scenic drives and short walks to view mysterious Rock Art and Petroglyphs that give us a window into the lives of these ancient peoples... Hike with your guide to secret places holding Forgotten Ruins and Sacred Burial Sites that few ever get to see.

Anasazi RuinsThe history of these red rocks holds something for every one, from the archeologist to the passing tourist. It's easy to see why people have loved this land for thousands of years!

Total Trip Length: 4-5 Hours
Difficulty: Variable
Hiking Time: Variable
Hiking Distance: Variable
Price: $99/person

(Prices do not include national park permits or entrance fees if applicable)

Single Hikers: We usually have a 2 person minimum for this tour. If no other customers join your tour and we are unable to find other customers to meet our minimum, you will be charged for an additional person after the hike. (To find out if there are any other customers booked on your desired date, either contact us or look for dates with less than 30 remaining seats). We will always do our best to find other group members and save you money!

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